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Postcard – Sea Wall and Boulevard

Title or subject:
“Sea Wall and Boulevard, Greater Galveston, Tex.”

Purdy’s Book Store
Galveston, TX

December 26, 1910
Palacios, TX

Friend Pearl,
Well I am in Texas at last as you did not expect Fealing fine, having a good time will write more later

Postcard era:
Early Divided Back (1907-1914)

Regular/standard (3½” x 5½”)

This early sepia-toned image presents an intriguing view—and a puzzle.

A hand-colored version of this postcard, also in the collection, is entitled “East End Sea Wall” and thus poses the question: Is this a photograph of the far eastern end of the east-west run of the early seawall? If so, note the slight angled jog of the boulevard, visible on the far left side of the image, that might approximate the location at 12th Street and Seawall Boulevard. However, the orientation of the homes toward the boulevard, in relation to the grid layout of the city, makes this interpretation problematic.

Alternatively, is this a rare view of the southern-most end of the (now-buried) north-south leg of the early seawall that ran along the eastern side of the city, protecting the Medical College, John Sealy Hospital, and the residential district of stately homes now known as the historic East End? (This roughly north-south, curved run of the seawall was covered when the East End Flats were filled in for development and is now entombed beneath University/6th Street.)



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