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Matchbook – TAC/Balinese Room

Lion Match Co.
New York, NY
21 “Feature” Matchbook
Pat. 1,733,258-1,839,845-6


c. Early 1940s

Approximately 2” x 2”

Scarce. This is one of the oldest known Balinese Room matchbooks and is a full, unused book.

The artwork was created by noted Chicago designer Virgil Quadri. The cover image also appears on the cover of a dinner menu from the same period, as well as on the back of a deck of playing cards. (The menu and cards are also in the collection.) This beautiful tropical image elevates the matchbook to a diminutive work of art in its own right. Note the stylish printed sticks.

The Turf Athletic Club’s “TAC” imprint also appears on the inside cover behind the matches (not shown). The presence of “TAC” dates this matchbook to the period before the TAC was closed, circa 1957.



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