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The private collection presented here began almost accidentally, but its antecedents go way back. While it started out with a narrow focus on the Balinese Room and the Maceo brothers’ enterprises, it quickly expanded to encompass a much broader span of Galveston history.

The full collection has now become quite extensive and is organized into individual showcases, for example, Postcards, Gambling Chips, Matchbooks, and so on. Because many of the artifacts are still being photographed and researched, we will be rolling out the collection gradually, with one new showcase added each month.

But even after all thirteen showcases have been unveiled, the fun won’t stop there. Why? Because as any collector knows, collecting never ends! As new and interesting treasures are acquired, we’ll highlight them for you here.

We began our first month with the Postcards showcase, followed by Photogravures and Gambling Chips. This month we unveil Matchbooks!

Click the Postcards, Photogravures, Gambling Chips, or Matchbooks link below to view any of these showcases as a group. Even better, scroll down to browse all three together by topic.

So which new showcase will be coming next? You’ll find out … next month!

The Showcases

  • Art
  • Gaming Accessories
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Linens & Napkins
  • Matchcovers
  • Menus
  • Photographs
  • Publications
  • This & That

Explore by Topic

A more fun way to explore the collection is by topic. Just click any of the links below to see all the collectibles related to that topic.

For now, only Postcards and Photogravures are shown here, but as each new showcase is added, items in that showcase will be added here, too!

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