Turf Athletic Club (TAC)

The Turf Athletic Club building on Market Street c. 1940 (courtesy Rosenberg Library)

Headquarters and Administrative Offices
Turf Building, Third Floor
2214-16 Market (Avenue D)
Galveston, TX

Maceo family, Gulf Properties, Inc.


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The Turf Athletic Club (TAC) wasn’t a nightclub. It was a partnership formed in 1932 to act as the parent company for the various Maceo operations around town (legal and otherwise).

Shortly after it was formed, the TAC purchased a three-story building on Market Street to house its headquarters and for future development. Over the years, the Turf Building, as it came to be known, would be home to a number of Maceo clubs and restaurants, including the Turf Grill, the Turf Tap Room, the elegant Studio Lounge, and the Western Room.

Sadly, the historic Turf Building was razed in 1968.