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What’s in a Name?

More than you might think. On August 6, 1932, Sam, Rose, and Frank Maceo, along with Oscar Ernest “Dutch” Voight (originally, Voigt) and D.D. Alexander, formed the Turf Athletic Club (TAC) to act as the parent company for their various operations around town (legal and otherwise). Its structure and principals would

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The Untimely Death of Albert Kuhn

Part 2: The Tribute
Following the sudden passing of Albert Kuhn in December of 1910, the directors of the Galveston Garten Verein wasted no time in planning a memorial to their fallen friend.

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A Social Affair

Part 2: Back in Business
After the devastating hurricane of September 8, 1900, Galveston was a city in ruins, but despite the destruction and the daunting job ahead, the ever-optimistic and always industrious Germans got busy and got to work.

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The Great Storm of 1900

To understand Galveston, you must understand The Great Storm of 1900, the hurricane that roared ashore on September 8, 1900, leaving unfathomable death and destruction in its wake.

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This Old Town

Part 1: A short vignette capturing the ineffable sense in which “history lives” here in old Galveston.

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A Youthful Lark

Part 2: The comic adventure, decades ago, that set the early focus for the eventual collection and indeed this project.

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Before you read history, read this.

On History

History is a curious beast. And the closer one looks, oh Lewis, the curiouser and curiouser it gets. What is history? Let’s begin with a dictionary definition from my thirty-five-pound tome.

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