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What’s in a Name?

On August 6, 1932, the Turf Athletic Club (TAC) was formed to act as the parent company for the various Maceo operations around town (legal and otherwise). Its structure and principals would evolve over time.

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A Social Affair

Part 2: Back in Business
After the devastating hurricane of September 8, 1900, Galveston was a city in ruins, but despite the destruction and the daunting job ahead, the industrious and ever-optimistic Germans got busy and got to work.

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The Great Storm of 1900

To understand Galveston, you must understand The Great Storm of 1900, the hurricane that roared ashore on September 8, 1900, leaving unfathomable death and destruction in its wake.

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On History

A Primer
History is a curious beast. And the closer one looks, oh Lewis, the curiouser and curiouser it gets. What is history? The answer is not as simple as we’d all like to think.

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