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History lingers here. History lives.©
A unique and fun new blogazine and collectibles showcase exploring the history, legends, and lore of vintage Galveston, Texas


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I Love Old Galveston

A Fun and Exciting New Project as Unique as the City Herself

From her early reign as the queen of cotton, to the cataclysmic storm that forever changed her regal trajectory, to the wild and woolly days of the Free State era when bootleg liquor and illegal gambling brought the money back to town, Galveston’s once majestic, once tragic, yet ever-triumphant history forged a distinctive American city unlike any other.

Through carefully researched articles, spicy special features, and a showcase of fun and interesting Galveston collectibles, we’ll take you on an exciting journey of discovery into the rich history of that Grande Dame of the Gulf we all love—


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The Author

Before leaping headlong into the deep mists of Galveston’s past, a brief departure is in order. Who, you might be wondering, is the author here? Whose collection is it? And how did this all come about?

To answer these questions, you can meet our author in the usual way and also, more creatively, in the three articles of our introductory series, which introduce the voice and provide the personal context that spawned this project in the first place.

The Articles

Topics for new articles each month run the full gamut of Galveston history, from the famous to the infamous, from Victorian days to the Free State, but always with the aim of getting, and sometimes setting, the record straight.

Whether you were born on the island or just have a fondness for this fabulous old burg, you’re sure to learn a thing or two and have some fun in the process!

The Collection


Book Reviews

Get the skinny from our own author on the Galveston titles in our library.

Vintage Treats

Put on that apron and step back in time with a vintage recipe from an authentic source.

Oh Shoot!

Take a photographic stroll through the streets and byways of old Galveston.

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